Lone Wolf Signature Series ROUND Glock Slide

Lone Wolf Distributors, the renown aftermarket Glock pistol parts maker, manufactures a series of custom Glock slides called Signature Series slides. These series includes a number of custom machined slides with all kinds of cuts and ports and serrations. In general, this type of slide customization is not new in the industry and many companies make similar products. However what caught my attention is a rather unusual Signature Series slide which gives the Glock slide a classic and at the same time futuristic look.

Lone Wolf Signature Series ROUND Glock Slide (2)

I am talking about the Lone Wolf #23 Signature Series round Glock slide. The portion forward of the ejection port has been rounded and resembles a classic pistol slide profile. In the case of the majority of other custom Glock slides, you can always see the overall lines of the factory slide profile no matter how deeply it is customized. In case of this round slide, it has been so deeply modified that it is easy to fail to identify a Glock slide when first looking at this slide.

Lone Wolf Signature Series ROUND Glock Slide (3)

Despite the mentioned external changes, these Lone Wolf slides are still compatible with standard Glock frames and slide parts. This Signature Series slide is actually a machining service provided by the company. The service only is quoted at $199.95. According to the company, these slides can be custom machined only from their blank slides. So you will need to purchase a Lone Wolf blank slide then pay the mentioned sum for the machining work. Of course, the look of the final product will vary depending on what length slide blank you choose to be machined into a round slide. The company states that the ideal length slide blank is the competition size (Glock 34) slide. The Lone Wolf blank G34 slide costs another $199.95. So in order to get your hands on one of these round custom slides with best looking G34 length, you’ll need to pay $399.9.

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