JUST RELEASED: Atlantic Firearms Lynx Polish Import

Due to ever-increasing import restrictions, the supply of quality, foreign made AK patterned rifles and pistols has been reduced to a trickle. Luckily, our friends at Atlantic Arms have been working with Arms Of America to import Polish made 7.62×39 pistols with features and quality not usually available to U.S. buyers. The Lynx is manufacutered by WBP Rogow Poland and features a 10 inch FB Radom hammer forged barrel.

Pistol Stabilizing Brace fans have the option to add the device of their choice after purchase, but the Lynx is also SBR-ready for those willing to undergo the NFA application process. Additional models and options are of being evaluated for possible import by AOA and headed to Atlantic Arms in the future.

For now, the Lynx is available in limited quantities and supplies will most likely not last long. Details, links and specifications are listed below.

AK47 Pistol Lynx Polish Classic-WBP Features

  • Manufactured by WBP Rogow Poland
  • FB Radom Hammer Forged Chrome Lined 10 inch Barrel
  • Forged Barrel Trunion
  • Polish Import markings on Reciever
  • Collectible Matching Numbers on build
  • Accepts Standard AK Hand guards
  • AK Side Rail for Optic Mounts
  • SBR Ready with Underfolder Trunion
  • 19 Inches in Length
  • Weight 5.75 pounds empty  

The Lynx AK47 Pistol is a semi auto 7.62×39 AKM Pistol built in Poland by WBP Rogow. The Polish tradition for quality firearms manufacturing is expanding with the release of the WBP Lynx Pistol Classic package .These pistols are built with a blend of old school Kalashnikov build techniques and modern machinery to yield one of the finest AK’s currently offered.  It all starts with a brand new FB Radom Steyr machine produced military cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, mil spec forged barrel trunnion, and a fully machined bolt & carrier. The Lynx was designed to be a high quality flexible base chassis offering the end client room to customize the firearm to meet their needs.    

This AK47 pistol is loaded with quality features not offered with the other rivals and offers the shooter two different looks in one package. Choose between a black poly lower hand guard and Gen 2 Polish picatinny upper gas tube for mounting forward optics. You also will receive a factory pre-fitted classic wood laminate hand guard set should you choose to go for the classic look, or you can mix the two for the tactical classic look .The pistol also sports the traditional side rail for AK optic mounts as well. For the collectors this is an all Polish gun with matching numbers on the receiver, bolt, carrier, dust cover, safety selector, and trunnion. The top of the line 10 inch FB Radom hammer forged chrome lined barrel is designed for accuracy and maximum life.

Each pistol has a underfolder trunnion installed which is perfect for users looking to add an underfolder stock for SBR builds similar to the WBP Mini Jack pictures below.

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