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In this episode of the TFB Behind the Gun podcast, we’re back at SHOT Show 2022 with Joel Hodgdon and the Remington Arms Company. Pete and Joel are here to talk a bit about how the last two years have affected the longstanding arms manufacturer and what Remington has planned for 2022 and beyond. Joel Hodgdon has spent the last couple of years working directly with the Remington brand and his previous experience includes time at the Congressional Sportsman’s foundation, as well as several years as a board member of the Hodgdon Power Company

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TFB Behind the Gun Podcast: Joel Hodgdon with Remington

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast: Joel Hodgdon with Remington

The Remington Arms Company has been a staple of the American firearms industry for over a century and the company has served the American people by providing small arms and ammunition through two world wars and year after year of improvements, innovations, and alterations to various firearms designs, and ammunition. Today our host and editor-in-chief Pete has on Joel Hodgdon to talk a bit about the past of the Remington Arms Company, its future, and of course how the last couple of chaotic years have affected them. Please welcome Joel Hodgdon with Remington.

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast: Joel Hodgdon with Remington

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