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SILENCER SATURDAY #107: Joe Rogan, Virginia, SHOT 2020 Preview

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to another episode of TFB’s Silencer Saturday, brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine – home of the new Resonator K. Last week we talked about suppressing the 5.7 cartridge, a topic I myself am unfamiliar with. However, I’m looking forward to getting in the game with either the new Ruger-57, the FN FiveseveN or the FN P90 (ish). Let’s see what comes out of this year’s SHOT Show. Speaking of which, besides some news and tidbits, I thought we could do a SHOT 2020 preview of some of the rumors surrounding new suppressors and accessories. My hopes center around both the rimfire and integral worlds, followed closely by 300BLK and other subsonic centerfire cartridges.

SILENCER SATURDAY #107: Joe Rogan, Virginia, SHOT 2020 Preview

SILENCER SATURDAY #107: Joe Rogan, Virginia, SHOT 2020 Preview

Above: GLOCK G44 with the Tornado Technologies Oxy22 Suppressor

Glenn Villeneuve Talks Suppressors On The Joe Rogan Podcast

I’m a big fan of the Joe Rogan podcast – he’s got a diverse group of guests that dive into a variety of topics. The Joe Rogan Experience #1305 featured Glenn Villeneuve, a survivalist who has lived in the Alaskan wilderness for months on end with nothing but some simple tools and the resources found on the land. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear a modern day scavenger, hunter, gatherer speak knowledgeably about the benefits of using a suppressor. I naively expected Villeneuve to be full bore Fudd.

Joe Rogan

Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

I found the entire episode worth the listen, but skip to 2:02 to hear the suppressor specific discussion. Very cool.

Joe Rogan Experience #1395 – Glenn Villeneuve

Glenn Villeneuve is a hunter, fisherman and TV personality, best known for appearing in the show “Life Below Zero”, which showcases the life of the Alaskan hunters particularly during the harsh winters.

Virginia: Firearms And Suppressors

TFB has stayed quiet on the brewing events in Virginia, primarily because of the motto on our masthead. That is going to change. We will start talking about the potential effects of pending legislation on gun owners in Virginia without diving in to partisan politics. Our brothers and sisters in Virginia are facing crushing restrictions and the least we can do is talk about how we can help them preserve individual liberties. Features like threaded barrels as well as suppressors themselves are being targeted for bans.

I’ll need to find a way to tread lightly – many of you have expressed to me in the past that you don’t want us getting political at all. If it turns into a train wreck we’ll have to shut it down.

AEGIX Global Acquires AMTAC

AEGIX Global Acquires Legendary Suppressor Manufacturer AMTAC

AMTAC acquisition brings AEGIX safety equipment to better serve law enforcement and military customers

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—December 17, 2019— AEGIX Global, LLC today announced it has acquired AMTAC, one of the most respected firearm suppressor manufacturers in the world. The deal will positively impact the market with on-hand inventory and rapid order fulfillment, providing law enforcement, military and hunting/outdoors retail clients with a better buying experience of state-of-the-art suppressors. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“AMTAC has a solid history and a rich legacy of designing and manufacturing world-class suppressors,” said Chet Linton, CEO of AEGIX Global. “We were attracted to the company by its reputation for quality and innovation, which can be seen in a patented over-barrel design that delivers a number of unique benefits. This deal creates the opportunity for AEGIX to expand our selection of safety equipment for law enforcement and military as well as retail clients while raising the bar for the whole industry in terms of customer service. It also furthers our mission to help safeguard and improve the lives of those who are dedicated to serving and protecting us.”

Hearing loss and tinnitus from noise exposure are the top two most prevalent service-connected disabilities, according to the 2018 Annual Benefits Report from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. AMTAC Suppressors are specifically designed to reduce the noise of firearms from hazardous to safe decibel levels.

Linton said the AMTAC line will always be made in the USA with the highest quality materials and machined to exacting tolerances and military specifications. To increase efficiency, AEGIX will leverage a highly experienced manufacturing partner that is fully FFL and SOT licensed to manufacture NFA weapons. They have advanced automated capabilities and are well capitalized to manage growth. This will enable AEGIX to not only easily meet increased volume demands, but also to have inventory on hand to fulfill orders within 72 hours.

AEGIX proudly supports and maintains the AMTAC lifetime warranty. To see the full line of suppressors including the Mantis Series, CQB (the flagship over-barrel suppressor), CQBM, SBR, SNIPER, Hornet and Fire Ant, please visit
About AEGIX Global, LLC

AEGIX is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is focused on making a positive global impact by providing mission-specific resources, leading technology, equipment and practical and tactical training to those who are first on scene, in combat or gathering intelligence. These resources, products and services result in safeguarding lives, enabling justice and improving communities. AEGIX serves local, tribal, state and federal law enforcement departments and agencies, humanitarian groups, militaries, NATO and Major non-NATO allied governments worldwide. For more, please visit

Amtac – SHOT 2018

YHM Announces the Resonator K Rifle Suppressor

Yankee Hill Machine has just announced the Resonator K, a short .30 caliber silencer with a modular adapter system. I’m looking forward to getting one in for a review.

TFB is ramping up for the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. My goal is to visit as many silencer manufacturers and distributors as possible that week. Hopefully 2020 turns out to be the year of the Silencer. Here’s a few teasers we’ve been seeing.

Energetic Armament

Dead Air Silencers Key-Mo Micro and more?

CGS Group – 1000 rounds in a beltfed

View this post on Instagram

This is the first time we’re showing this publicly. This is our @cgsgroup GPMG 762 silencer mounted on a @fnh_usa M240B with a fixed gas system running a 1,000rd belt of 7.62x51mm M80. Prior to this test the silencer had 13,600rds of 7.62mm fired through it. About half of that was 5-10rd bursts and the other half was full automatic belt dumps of 900rds, 700rds, 600rds, 400rds and multiple 100-200rd belts at the M240Bs full automatic cyclic rate. It also had an amount of 338 Norma Magnum fires through it. The barrel of the M240B got so hot it began to droop which induced a baffle strike. Regardless of that, after this test we fired another 400rds through the CGS GPMG 762 silencer without issue. The silencer incurred no damage other than the host firearm induced baffle strike despite the heavy abuse. The M240B has a malfunction at 985rds, the malfunction was remedied and the remaining 15rds were fired within 20 seconds of the video ending. After the silencer cooled down we were able to remove it from its mount by hand without issue. The internal coating we use, S Line, prevented any fouling build up within the silencer even after 15,000rds. There is no other silencer that can perform this well for sound reduction, flash reduction, thermal signature reduction, and durability. #cgsgroup #gpmg762 #ActualInnovation #ActualScience #ActualSilence #silencer #suppressor #suppressed #suppressed #suppressednation #nfa #nfaaf #beltfed #fullauto #torturetest #m240 #m240b #fnhusa #sigsauer #kac #machinegun #gunsofinstagram #igmilitia #gunsdaily #weaponsdaily #gunfanatics #nfareview #silencershop #gunfood #military

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Thunderbeast Arms Teaser video

“We’ve been working on something”

Gemtech – Modular Lunar 9

Gemtech Lunar 9 – SHOT 2020 Preview

Ruger – MKIV Integral?


Have a great week everyone. Standby for some pre-SHOT announcements in the next few days. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you here next Saturday on TFB.

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