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During the third week of February, Abu Dhabi, UAE, hosted the biennial event of IDEX (International Defence Exhibition & Conference). This is an expo where manufacturers of military-related items come from all over the world to display their production, possibly to sign very lucrative deals. Small arms aren’t one of the major drivers of the business, therefore they don’t get the center stage, however, the event is still a chance to get to see some firearms which may not be commonly known in the Western world.

In this first article on IDEX, we’ll take a look at the current military production of EDIC (Emirates Defense Industries Company) Caracal. EDIC plays at home – in UAE, being one of the main sponsors of the Exhibition. Caracal, which is now getting more and more international, is its small arms division.

The lineup shown covered the full spectrum from pistols, SMG, assault and battle rifles to sniper rifles.

Caracal CMP9 9mm SMG

The most interesting item is probably the SMG named CMP9: a blow-back operated 9x19mm SMG fed by H&K MP-5 magazines. It features an upper and lower receiver assembly made out of series 7075 aluminum, AR-15 style charging handle and controls, an aluminum hand-guard with top Picatinny rail extending from the upper and Keymod interface on its bottom and sides. The stock is telescopic, it can be locked in 3 positions and the release button can be easily operated with the thumb of the firing hand.

CMP9 is currently offered in 3 versions: K with a 5.5″ barrel and no stock, STD with a 9″ barrel and SD, integrally suppressed with a 6″ suppressor extending out of a 6″ barrel (12″ total). CMP9 is at the moment only a military product and no civilian sales of a semi-auto version are currently planned. However, it definitely looks like it could be a great addition in the market, combining the simplicity of the operation of the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 to the looks of the SIG MPX.

Caracal CMP9 Lineup. From left to right: STD model with Caracal suppressor, K model and SD version.

CMP9 STD and K with added telescopic stock.

Closer view of the suppressed CMP9 standard model and SD, both with non-standard stocks. Note the enlarged diameter of the suppressor for the 3″ out of the hand-guard.

Caracal CSR Sniper Rifles

On the rifle side, it is worth mentioning the line of modern sniper rifles of the CSR line in .308, .338LM and .50 BMG. The rifles share the bolt action configuration in an aluminum chassis with folding, highly adjustable stock and Keymod hand-guard. Barrels are either button rifled or hammer forged. Particular attention is given to magazine interchangeability: CSR308 feeds from SR-25 magazines, CSR338 from Haenel‘s and CSR50 from Barrett’s.

Caracal CSR308 with Caracal suppressor.

Caracal CSR338 with Caracal suppressor.

Caracal CSR50; the company also manufactures a .50 caliber suppressor.

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