High-quality Gear Below $18

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This list of high-quality gear below $18 will help you to save costs greatly. There’s no gainsaying that prepping can become costly in no time, as you handle food & water stocking, books & supplies gathering, tool building, and firearm collections. Before you know, you may be spending up to $10 000. We haven’t even considered underground bunkers & survival shelters. 

Anyway, the good news is that informed preppers can get essential gear at affordable prices — that too, without letting quality go. 

5 High-quality Gear Below $18

Considering the 5 Cs of wilderness survival (combustion; containers; coverings; cordage & cutting tools). And yes, a secondhand backpack works just as fine as the newest bug-out bags for sale. With this list, though, you don’t even need secondhand products to prep. Let’s check out six high-quality gear you can get for $18 or less.

Waterproof UCO Stormproof Match Toolkit — $10.99 on Amazon

Matches are compulsory gear for the prepper. There are some methods of igniting a fire that might not be appropriate for a lighter. This Stormproof product comes with 25 waterproof & windproof matchsticks, three strikers & a case capable of holding up to 40 matchsticks. These sticks are easy to ignite, stay ignited for 15 seconds, and even re-ignite after contact with water. What else, the case floats in & is not spoilt by water.

Tac-force TF Tactical Spring-assisted Knife — $9.48 on Amazon

Deployable with just one hand, this EMS-certified folding knife comes with a glass breaker & seat-belt cutter. Measuring just 4½ inches, the knife is prone to dropping and, therefore, comes with a clip that can be affixed to the pocket. Remember that a good survival knife is a mandatory tool that will be useful in plenty of SHTF situations.

AOFAR Military Compass — $11.99 on Amazon

We can’t disregard the relevance of a compass in the wilderness. Even if you are sure of your directions, there’s always the possibility of getting lost or having to get to a location you don’t know. This low price military compass is a perfect guide for you. It is waterproof & shake-proof (so you don’t have to worry about losing your bearing while exploring) and comes with a pouch & strap for easy carrying while you hike or hunt. Lest I forget, there’s a fluorescent light, so you’re not hindered even at night.

LifeStraw Water Filter

The LifeStraw water purifier may cost more than iodine tablets and other water filters, but they make up for the price difference due to their compact weight (9x1x1”, 2 OZ) and size. They are thus easy to throw in and out of your bug-out kit. This filter can purify about 1000 gallons of water, surpassing even EPA guidelines.

Esbit Folding Stove — $12.95 on Amazon 

This Esbit stove is foldable and incredibly portable. However, its greatest highlight is that it comes with fuel tablets, each which will burn for nearly 13 minutes. This makes it a cheaper, better backup for larger stoves. Remember that power is very important in the wilderness.

Concluding The High-quality Gear Below $18

Asides from the products above, there are other high-quality gear below $18. You can get the Mace Brand Pepper Spray for $11.99, Pro-knot Waterproof Outdoor Cards for $5.95, and the SAAS Survival Handbook for just $15.89, all on Amazon. Shop for less expensive yet high-standard prepping gear using this list.

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