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OPSGear Warehouse Liquidation – Everything super cheap

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What the deal is and why it’s a good one:

Yeah, I just combined those headings. It’s the wild west out here. OpsGear is apparently liquidating their warehouse inventory, which means tons of goodies for you. So what is on sale? All kinds of gear and gadgets and clothing. There’s a Condor Gunner Plate Carrier in Multicam being sold for $72 or just under 40% off. There are Danner Striker Boots in men’s size 10.5 being sold for $112.50 or just under $90 off. There’s a whole mess of Blackhawk gear and even some 5.11 stuff that’s almost all 40% off or better (I’ve seen up to 90% off).

Smith and Wesson M&P9 2.0 – $392

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What the deal is:

Everybody knows what’s being sold here. It’s the Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 in 9×19. Specifically in FDE color, which for some people is a huge bonus, for some people is vomit-inducing. This model has a 5″ barrel, and like all of the 9mm 2.0s has a capacity of 17+1. It weighs 16 ounces empty and has a stainless steel slide. Further, this model lacks an external safety, which again for some people is a bonus, for others an automatic turn-off.

Why it’s a good deal:

Usually, these, specifically in FDE, are found for somewhere in the ballpark of $500, which is a pretty fair street price in my opinion. However, as you can see, this model is being sold for just under $400.

Ruger SR22 3627 – $299.99

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What the deal is:

This is probably one of my favorite 22 pistols of all time. It’s not the best, I’ll grant, but it remains one of my favorites both for sentimental reasons (it’s one of the first handguns I ever shot), as well as practical (it’s inexpensive and a solid workhorse). This particular model comes with a tungsten cerakote and fiber optic sights, in addition to a black anodized barrel finish. It holds 10+1 rounds of 22LR.

Why it’s a good deal:

This specific model (tungsten cerakote, fiber-optic sights, black anodize barrel finish) generally retails for around $350-$400. But, its close cousin (the 3600 model) retails for about $300. Do the extras warrant shelling out another $50 to $100? I think so, but since it’s on sale, you don’t have to.

Factory original Browning hi-power magazines – $34.99

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What the deal is:

These are Inglis factory original Browning Hi-Power magazines, and they’re new not used. They hold 13 rounds of 9×19 and are made from enamel coated steel. While these are the OEM magazines for Inglis Hi-Power pistols, they will function in any Hi-Power or FEG clone in 9mm Luger.

Why it’s a good deal:

GunMag Warehouse is selling these magazines for $34.99. While that certainly isn’t cheap, they are 30% off, which makes it a worthwhile sale just because. Further, these are OEM magazines, which gives them some additional value, especially if you want to match your original all-matching serial numbers Hi-Power with a high-quality functioning original magazine.

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