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EOTech’s ownership change is due to finalize in early August.

In 2005, L3Harris purchased optics maker and holography innovation company EOTech. For the last fifteen years, EOTech has existed as only a small portion of this defense industry Goliath’s larger operations which also include products like military drones, tactical radios, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies, night vision devices, and much more.

In March, TFB reported that the publicly-traded L3Harris had struck a deal to spin EOTech off to American Holoptics, thus returning the brand to private ownership. Under this new management, they will continue to make their trademark Holographic Weapon Sights, as well as magnifiers, scopes, and more. In a July 27th press release, American Holoptics has broadcasted great excitement about their one-week countdown to “New EOTech’s” impending rebirth.

The Holographic Weapon Sight has been the choice of many military, civilian, and law enforcement shooters for years.

The Holographic Weapon Sight has been the choice of many military, civilian, and law enforcement shooters for years.

T-Minus 1 Week to Launch of New EOTech

Ann Arbor, Michigan Get ready! In approximately one week, one of the most significant events in recent outdoor industry memory will take place. Effective August 3rd, 2020, American Holoptics LLC™ will be taking full control of the world-famous EOTech® company to include the facility, the brands, the technology, and all product lines – returning EOTech to private ownership. American Holoptics is a subsidiary of Koucar Management™, whose strategic acquisitions of Elite Defense® and HEL Technologies™ represent a solid foundation of cutting-edge optical science and weapons systems distribution. In addition, the leadership team at American Holoptics is comprised of highly successful industry veterans that live and breathe innovation, customer service, and agility. Together, they will bring that entrepreneurial spirit to all aspects of the business.

“We’re laser-focused on taking care of our end users and industry partners,” said Ed Schoppman, President of American Holoptics. “When you put EOTech, Elite Defense and HEL Technologies together, it creates a team that’s tailor-made to serve our military, law enforcement agencies, and civilian customers all over the world. Personally, I’ve never seen such a talented group as the one coming to EOTech and I’m fortunate to be a part of it. At the new EOTech, product performance, integrity, and most importantly true customer care will guide everything we do.”

Stay tuned as the new EOTech disrupts the optics industry! We have big plans and will be delivering cool new products and great customer solutions in the near future.

Other product lines include the Vudu series of rifle scopes.

Other product lines include the Vudu series of rifle scopes.

If you’re already a fan of EOTech’s products, it sounds like their new team is planning to work hard to make sure your needs continue to be met well. And if you haven’t been on board in the past, maybe this managerial shake-up will give you cause to take a look now. What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing how this corporate action might improve one of the firearms industry’s extant household names? Or are you leery of the incipient change, and you worry that the move away from L3Harris could ultimately prove detrimental? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! See you at the range.

Photos courtesy of EOTech.

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