Daisy Offer Limited Edition Adult Red Ryder BB Guns

The Adult sized Red Ryder (Daisy)

The classic Daisy Red Ryder lever action BB gun was introduced back in 1938 and has been enjoyed by generations of Americans. Now Daisy Outdoor Products have introduced a limited edition scaled up adult (or bigger kid) sized Red Ryder.

The Model 1938ARR, full sized BB gun, has been made available on Daisy Outdoor Products online store in two kits. The first kit includes a scaled up Red Ryder, a pair of safety glasses (so you’ll never have to worry about shooting your eye out), a tube of 350 BBs and a Rocket Shot Target Launcher.

While you can get adult-sized BB guns, the new Red Ryder is intended to appeal to the shooter’s sense of nostalgia and, according to Daisy, respond to a continuing demand from the public. A press release from Daisy said:

Fans of the classic Red Ryder, which nearly everyone marks as their first gun, have been calling for a full-sized version for years. It makes a perfect companion to the youth version so mentor and youth can shoot the same gun.

Adult red Ryder

The second $99 kit includes a standard kids Red Ryder and an Adult Red Ryder (Daisy)

The second kit is aimed at parents and children, offering both a full size Red Ryder and the original regular sized BB gun – this kit also comes with the Rocket Shot Target Launcher, safety glasses and a tube of 350 BBs. Ideal for showing the kids how its done.

The first kit is priced at $69 while the two gun set costs $99. Daisy says the adult sized guns, however, are a limited time offer and on checking their website for availability just a few days after release (on the 28th September) the kits appear to already be out of stock. It’s unclear if due to the limited time offers apparent success if Daisy will offer the scales up adult Red Ryders for sale again in the future.


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