Bluntforce Mk 1 Savage Mod II Pistol Bayonet

I can’t believe I am writing a follow-up article about a pistol bayonet. But there is a reason. Looks like the feedback generated by our coverage of this device is what made Bluntforce scratch the previous versions and introduce a new, more affordable one. And this is not just my assumption, but actually what the company told us:

Thanks for featuring our mk2 stilleto on your website. We have addressed the feedback and will be producing  a lower priced version with 420 steel black DLC coated called the Mk1 Savage Mod II

Apparently, Bluntforce also heard my “complaints” concerning the model designation system and named the new bayonet Mod II.

Bluntforce Mk 1 Savage Mod II Pistol Bayonet

The base/Picatinny rail mount of the new bayonet is still made of 7075-T6 aluminum. The blade itself is CNC machined out of 420 high carbon stainless steel and features a DLC coating. The exposed portion of the blade is 4.37″ (111 mm) long. The overall length of the assembly is 6″ (152mm) and it weighs 5oz (142 grams).

As mentioned above, the Bluntforce Mk 1 Savage Mod II pistol bayonet is now much cheaper. It is available for pre-order at an MSRP of $99 instead of the $250 of the previous model. The price also includes the shipping cost. Now more people can make their dreams come true and finally have a pistol bayonet.

I still can’t see a real-world application for this thing. I would suggest the company to make a version with a removable blade and with the base part protruding up to the slide to work as a stand off device. That way the customers could carry the gun without the bayonet attached and having an actual useful feature. At the same time, the users would be able to snap their trusty bayonet back on in case of Zombie apocalypse!

You can read about the previous models of Bluntforce pistol bayonets by clicking here.

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