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Earlier this year TFB and TFBTV got an exclusive look at some of the great things that Black Collar Arms has been working on in the bolt-action pistol scene. While we were treated to a close look at some firearms, we also got a close look at their new Adjustable Pistol Support (APS). This APS is not a shoulder stock or a pistol brace, the Adjustable Pistol Support is simply that – convenient and adjustable shooting support for your favorite large, accurate pistol.

Black Collar Arms @ TFB:

Black Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Support (APS) Available Now

Not a shoulder stock, not a pistol brace, the brand new Black Collar Arms APS — Adjustable Pistol Support — is a height adjustable rest designed to support a precision pistol on a bench, ground, or other surface. It’s a brand new category of rear accessory for firearms and is ideally suited to large, accurate pistols. It will be available first in a clamp-on design for pistol buffer tubes and anything that accepts a GHW Tailhook MOD 1 (fits round tubes from 1.17″ to 1.20″ in diameter).

Black Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Support (APS) Available Now!

Black Collar Arms APS is designed to support the rear of your large format pistol on any solid surface and offers you about 3-inches of vertical travel for precise point of impact adjustment. The first model as mentioned above will be a clamp-on design that will fit any AR-15 style pistol buffer tube. The APS also features a QD sling socket on one side of the clamp, can accept Atlas bipod-compatible feet, and is made from 6061 aluminum with a Type III hard coat anodized finish in either FDE or Black.

Black Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Support (APS) Available Now!

Made in Texas by Black Collar Arms, the Adjustable Pistol Support is available for either $149.95 for the black anodized version or $184.95 for the FDE version. You might be saying to yourself “Wait a minute! that’s nearly as much as a tax stamp!” While you’d be correct, that would, unfortunately, turn your large format pistol into an SBR and while that might be cool for that one single pistol turned rifle, unlike the APS, your tax stamp is not transferrable to other pistols. Let us know what you think of the new APS down in the comments below!

Black Collar Arms Adjustable Pistol Support (APS) Available Now!

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