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Best Suppressor Covers for Your Rifles

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Why should you even know the best suppressor covers for your rifles? Well, let’s look at this scenario:

You’ve just bought your new suppressor and are off to the shooting range in a couple of minutes. You’ve fired some rounds of ammo, and then there’s the instant need to key in a new accessory. You unconsciously touch the suppressor only to realize it gets very hot when you use the gun. You are scalded, but lessons learned. 

You know you need a good suppressor cover for your gun.

3 Best Suppressor Covers for Your Rifles

Sub-Tac Alpha Suppressor Covers

Sub-Tac Alpha makes suppressor covers & you can bet your last card that they are outstanding at what they do. This company produces arguably the best suppressor covers in America. Their products are typically produced from high-quality materials & the design is perfect. The brand focuses solely on making the best suppressor covers. 

Suppressor covers by Sub-Tac Alpha are available in numerous lengths, sizes & styles that will fulfill the needs of any shooter. A mere glance at the feature list is enough to understand why this unique suppressor cover has my heart.

Just so you know, these suppressors have up to 3500° heat ratings.

MAGPUL Suppressor Covers

MAGPUL has always been reputed for its innovative masterpieces, and you would not be wrong to presume that their suppressor covers have very beautiful looks & specs. 

MAGPUL can withstand heat for very long periods, arguably longer than even its toughest competitors. There’s a much faster-cooling procedure too. Thanks to the fit-over design of the external sleeve, this suppressor cover has the potential to turn down temp levels with as much as 100°. You can be very assured that it is never affected by the hotness of the suppressor. There is also optimum airflow over the heat shield, suppressor & underneath the outer cover, just to ensure the temperature is always cool. 

However, there may be a limitation to MAGPUL suppressor covers, and this is that they never work for suppressors outside the range of 5×5” by 1.5.” 

Burn Proof Suppressor Covers

Burn-Proof is centered on safety gear. The sole focus is on safety among the military, law enforcement agents & civilians alike. This brand produces other products, so suppressor covers are a small part of what’s available. However, this does not mean that the quality of these products is any different from their competitors. 

The best part of Burn-Proof is that they make suppressor covers tailored to your orders — and this is easily done on their website. 

Burn Proof suppressor covers have a resistant rating of 1000° Fahrenheit, while its inside (made of silica) can withstand up to 2000° heat. 

Concluding the Best Suppressor Covers for Your Rifles

Selecting the best suppressor covers for your rifles is easy to do with this article. Visit the official websites of these brands to place orders easily, or check on merchant sites like Amazon. 

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