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Best Gun Safes to Use at Home

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To continue our emphasis on firearm safety, let’s look at the best gun safes to use at home. As you already know, it is your responsibility as a gun owner to keep your firearms safe when in & when not in use. There are several techniques for achieving the first part (when in use), and we’ll look at them too. But today, let’s check out the places to keep your gun safe while at home & not in use. 

In case you were wondering why you needed a gun safe at home, you should understand that children are curious. Regardless of how much you warn them to stay away from your firearm, it will likely take just a movie showing kids with guns for your son or daughter to wander to your gun. Also, the fact that a gun is yours and in your house does not mean it cannot be used on you. A person with a bad intention can walk into your home & put you down with your firearm.

So, you see, cash spent on a good gun safe is not a waste. It is money well spent.

3 Best Gun Safes to Use at Home

Stack-On Quick-Access Personal Safe 

If you don’t bother with the idea of a gun safe using electronic tech, then this is an excellent product for you. The Stack-on personal safe features a 3-8 digit combination and a backup key in case your password is forgotten or the electronics stop working. 

This safe will accommodate the average handgun (and I don’t think their sizes vary much) along with one or two extra magazines & a flashlight. The best part about the Stack-on is that it is mounted to the floor or wall — it is hard to steal from that. This vault can be a bit heavy at 12 lbs., so be sure of the surface you’re mounting on. 

GunVault NV200 NanoVault 200 + Key Lock 

If you want a low-budget option that will still keep your firearm protected, then this is quite ideal. The NV200 features a memory foam interior & a key-lock system and comes with a security cable of 1500 pounds to help attach it to a number of objects. You can come with this safe (IN CHECKED BAGS) when flying, as it fulfills TSA airline firearm rules. 

And while it may be permitted, avoid boarding an airplane with this safe. You’ll be answering too many questions if you do.

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault 

As the name suggests, this is a smart vault. The HDX-520 features high-class biometric scanners, and these are perhaps the easiest safe to get into — as long as you’re an authorized user. When connected to the AC power and you have your eyes with you, the vault will give you access to your gun within 1 second. You read that right.

The door is automatically opened once your eye or fingerprint is confirmed. You can also save up to 15 different users on it. Lastly, it is made using heavy-duty 14 gauge steel.

Concluding The Best Gun Safes to Use at Home

Apparently, a gun safe is a necessity at home. Protect your children from their curiosity. Be a responsible adult. Pick any of the above-mentioned best gun safes to use at home to get the good value for money. 

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