Best Earmuffs for Gun Owners

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Looking at the best earmuffs for gun owners is necessary, as your ears & eyes have to be protected when handling a firearm. An inability to protect your eyes and ears may lead to terrible consequences. You may lose your eyesight if shards get into your eyes, while your ears may suffer temporary or permanent loss of hearing if a shot is fired too close to them. 

It’s apparent that you have to wear earmuffs before shooting.

3 Best Earmuffs for Gun Owners

HONEYWELL IMPACT Howard Leight Shooting Earmuffs

The best thing about the Howard Leight is that it has an 82 dB capacity to keep out the noises. That’s like tightly wearing a fence around the ears. You’ll realize the significance of this capacity when we get to other products. That aside, these earmuffs can amplify meaningful low-level sounds more than any other earmuffs while keeping out the injurious loudness. This means that you can communicate easily while having them on. These muffs can connect with nearly every electronic device, smartphone & tablet — plus there’s an audio jack for scanners & iPods.

Honeywell Impact made Howard Leight with a keen eye on comfort, so they feature a soft-pad headband that prevents the direct application of pressure to the head & scalp. This means that you can wear them for over 8 hours without any pain. They are foldable & will fit easily in your backpack.

Speaking of power, these muffs are powered by AAA batteries that assure over 300 hours of continued use. They are available in 7 colors.

Noise Reduction Earmuffs by MPOW

With a certification from the American ANSI S3.19 & the European CE EN522, it’s clear that the MPOW earmuffs were subjected to the necessary tests. Therefore, they guarantee absolute safety & functionality while in use. They can filter block noise at 22–33 dB, which is the level of protection other earmuffs (in its category) would offer if worn with extra earplugs. 

The MPOW earmuffs have their pads made of top-quality foam & are encased in wheel polymers. They fit nearly every head size — thanks to their flexible, retractable headband. They are unarguably one of the very best in hunting, shooting targets, racing & operating machines that produce unbearable sounds. 

These earmuffs are light, soft to touch & very comfortable. Lastly, they don’t cause any discomfort no matter how long you put them on.

NRR Safety Earmuffs by FNOVA

The FNOVA has a 34dB blocking capacity and is available in 7 colors. The muffs are foldable, comfortable & marked safe for kids as long as they are up to 5. To offer the highest NER scale, they feature two noise-dampening layers of foam as well as 2 cups that perfectly cover the ears & are made of double-shell tech.

These earmuffs are designed to remain in place no matter how vigorously you move the head. The cups are outlined with foam to ensure there’s no pressure on the head & that you don’t get any headaches. They are adjustable, which is why even kids can put them on.

Concluding The Best Earmuffs for Gun Owners

The three products above are arguably the best earmuffs for gun owners you’ll find on the market. They have excellent noise filtering capacities, are very comfortable & adjustable, and will fit easily in any backpack. Also, they don’t hurt regardless of how long they are worn. It’s obvious they meet all requirements expected to keep your ears safe whenever you hit the range or hunt down deer.

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