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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #16: Andrew Wright And George Syrengelas From SureFire

Welcome back dear readers (and listeners) to our latest installment of TFB’s Behind The Gun podcast featuring informative conversations with firearms industry leaders and experts in their field. Today we welcome our friends at SureFire, Andrew Wright and George Syrengelas, to talk about illumination, lasers, suppressors and more. Both of these guys are a wealth of knowledge and we were lucky to steal some time from them at the 2020 SHOT Show. Enjoy the listen.

Note: George, if you’re reading this, I practiced pronouncing your name about 50 times and I fear I still didn’t get it right. My sincere apologies.

SureFire @ TFB

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #16: Andrew Wright And George Syrengelas From SureFire

Today on the show we have Andrew Wright and George Syrengelas from SureFire. For decades, SureFire has developed and manufactured top-notch flashlights, weaponlights, lasers, suppressors and more. Supplying the military, law enforcement and civilian market with American made gear, SureFire has a reputation for trusted, hard use gear. Andrew is a Senior Marketing Manager and George is Director of Product Management – Both of whom have years of experience at SureFire. Please welcome our friends Andrew and George from SureFire.

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