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Today’s Picture of the Day is of the Norwegian Air Mobile Protection Team (AMPT) as they protect a United Nations C130-J Hercules in Timbuktu and the Bamako Airport.

The team came from Camp Bifrost to meet the Hercules at Bamako airport. The airport can be seen below in all its glory.

The FN Minimi was bought by Norway in 2001, and they bought 1,900 machine guns according to Wikipedia. (Source)

Main top picture: Air Mobile Protection Team (AMPT) protects the aircraft at Timbuktu airport.

Below: Timbuktu airport seen from the cockpit in the Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules. That’s a pretty nice HUD Head-Up-Display.

Below: A K-9 unit at Timbuktu Airport. It must be warm for the dogs. Rifles should be HK416s camouflaged to blend in better and Glock 17 sidearms.

All pictures by Onar Digernes Aase / Norwegian Defense.

Also check The FN Minimis of Norway, with lots of action.

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