Zenith Firearms to refocus on roller-delayed blowback firearms

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Zenith already offers several delayed blowback guns, to include the Z5P. (Photo: Zenith Firearms via Facebook)

Zenith Firearms is making its way back to roller-delayed blowback guns, eliminating three product line to make way for a “heightened” focus on its signature roller-delayed design.

The company says the decision to restructure its business model is a logical one as Zenith looks to extensively research, develop, manufacture and distribute firearms that encompass the signature line.

“What we’re after is an undivided focus. That is critical if we are to develop the roller-delayed blowback platform to its greatest potential within the context of large-scale production and distribution,” CEO Hanri Kaya said in a statement published on Ammoland.

Zenith has begun selling all remaining inventory in Tisas, Girsan and Tedna product lines which the company will no longer distribute. Zenith says the liquidated lines have been handed over to CDNN Sports, a wholesale liquidator.

The manufacturer recently acquired a brand new 84,000 square foot industrial facility which was built specifically for firearms manufacturing. As Zenith acquires the necessary machinery and assets to get the new digs up and running, the company says consumers can expect roller-delayed goodies to start rolling out in 2018.

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