WTF has a baker’s dozen Deadpool-themed Deagles for sale (PHOTO)

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Sarasota, Florida’s WTF has made well-received Deadpool-themed Colts and ARs in the past, but this is their first run of Desert Eagles (Photos: WTF)

Ian at Whiskey Tango Firearms told they have a new Deadpool package up for grabs this week, centered around a Desert Eagle .50AE.

Each of the guns includes a customized Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX in .50AE, an HBC Concealment drop leg holster, and a pair of extra mags with holders. The whole thing is in WTF’s custom Deadpool-inspired Cerakote, includes a barrel tip engraving (Smile, Wait 4 Flash) and comes complete with a challenge coin and Custom FAT 50 ammo can with inserts

Price? $2549 + shipping, but there is only a limited– and lucky– run of a 13 of the “for entertainment only” .50 cal pistols.

Ian also says he is up for piece work and will hook you up with a reduced Deadpool Deagle that just includes the gun and one mag for $1,600, or will apply the Marvel merc’s Cerakote scheme to your own pistola for $350.

The Sarasota, Florida-based company has made Deadpool-inspired Colt New Agents and ARs in the past that collectors and fans of the fictional Ryan Reynolds-portrayed Canadian anti-hero have really gone gooey for.


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