Woman with gun who chased burglary suspect confronts him in court (VIDEO)

FOX Carolina 21

“I just want you to know that you may have scared me in the moment, I am definitely not afraid of you now. And, I hope you understand the severity of the situation in which you put yourself in because you came within two-point-five seconds of having a full clip unloaded into your skull,” said Keri Reeves, a homeowner in Oconee County, South Carolina, when she confronted a would-be burglar in court.

She dismissed his — Ralph Goss’s — request, via a hand raise, to comment and continued: “I hope and pray to god that you don’t ever get the balls to come into my home again because I promise you the next time, you will have the full clip unloaded. And, I will not hesitate this time.”

Reeves caught Goss on her property with items from inside her house. Scared, she pulled a gun on him and he went running from the scene. Authorities later caught Goss walking out of the woods. They arrested and charged him with second degree burglary.


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