STI unveils new line of 2011 magazines for 2011 pistols

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The 2011 Magazines are designed to work alongside 2011 pistols. (Photo: STI)

STI launched a new set of 2011 magazines designed to provide improved performance with quicker reloads for shooters.

The STI 2011 Magazines are constructed using 410 stainless steel, boasting longevity and durability. Corrosion resistant, the mags are built specifically for STI’s 2011 style pistols and frames. When paired with a 2011 platform pistol, the company says its 2011 technology will ultimately offer flatter shooting, less recoil and faster follow up shots with the new mags delivering higher round rounds and flawless feeding.

The mags are built on presses that exert three times the force of traditional presses. This, in turn, delivers cleaner stamping and more precise lines on the steel finish. Outfitted with a new follower and feed lip design, the one-piece construction touts consistent dimensions and a stronger design with no spacer required. The 16 round mags have both round count and caliber stamped alongside the body for easy identification.

The new STI 2011 Magazines can be found through STI with a retail price of $74.99.

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