Speer launches Gold Dot Personal Protection 10mm Auto loading

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Speer promises the newest member of their Gold Dot family is no meek .40S&W-ish imitator when it comes to ballistic performance. (Photo: Speer)

Featuring nickel-plated brass and a 200-grain Uni-Cor-built jacketed hollow-point bullet, the newest Gold Dot on the block should be a hit with fans of the 10mm.

Noting that other ammunition makers’ 10mm personal defense options deliver ballistics more akin to .40S&W, Speer says their new chambering is “loaded for optimal performance” with consistent penetration and expansion shown in testing through common barriers. Using CCI primers, Speer further advertises their Gold Dot jackets are bonded to the core at the molecular level, reducing the chance of core-jacket separation.

The newest Gold Dot is further sign on the road that Col. Jeff Cooper’s vaunted 10mm Auto is resurging in popularity, with new pistols and carbines in the chambering popping up almost monthly.

MSRP is $34.95 for a box of 20, which is a little pricey but on par with similar Gold Dot series cartridges, and sticker shock on ammo is something most regular 10mm users are acquainted with.

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