Safariland, Bianchi offer new holster fits for Honor Defense pistols

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The Honor Defense Honor Guard pistol will see more holster options as two major holster companies drop new rigs for the concealable pistol lineup. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Safariland and Bianchi now offer 14 models of holsters designed to work alongside Honor Defense’s Honor Guard pistol series.

At the behest of law enforcement officers, the new models include retention style rigs as well as standard carry holsters. Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense, said the company is happy that more holster companies are jumping on the Honor Guard bandwagon.

“We are pleased regarding fitment from Bianchi and Blackhawk as we support law enforcement whenever possible,” Ramey said in a press release. “They join a list of other top quality manufacturers that offer our customers a wide variety of holster choices.”

The 9mm, single stack pistol series blasted onto the scene in 2015 and has steadily gained followers with each new iteration of Honor Guards introduced. The handguns are specifically designed around the concept of concealed carry and already work alongside several holster brands to include Alien Gear, Crossbreed, DeSantis, Galco, StealthGear USA, GearCraft and Tuff.

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