Ruger resurrects their pistol caliber carbine line with the 9mm PC (VIDEO)

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The pistol-caliber 9mm PC Carbine from Ruger can be configured to accept SR9, Security-9, Ruger American Pistol, or Glock magazines. (Photo: Ruger)

After a decade-long hiatus, Ruger announced Thursday the return of a pistol caliber carbine series to their catalog with lots of updated features.

The new PC series provides a compact and lightweight carbine aimed at plinkers and the home defense market with a wide-range of magazine well adapters to accommodate a variety of users. The handy carbine ships capable of accepting Ruger SR-series or the new Security-9 series pistol magazines right out of the box, while a Glock 9mm well is included for those who already have a stockpile of those mags. Already have a Ruger American Pistol in 9mm? They offer that magazine well for sale separately.

“Designed with shooting enthusiasts in mind, the PC Carbine’s interchangeable magazine well system allows customers to use some of the most commonly available 9mm Luger handgun magazines in their rifle,” said Chris Killoy, Ruger President and CEO, in a statement.

At just under 35-inches overall with a 16.12-inch threaded and fluted barrel, the stock is adjustable with a series of three buttpad spacers for length of pull while the carbine itself takes down for easy storage, screaming camping and hiking use. The little gun has both a reversible magazine release and charging handle to accommodate left- or right-handed preferences. For those quiet moments or for those looking to add muzzle accessories, the barrel is standard 1/2-inch-28TPI threaded with a protector. Speaking of aftermarket upgrades, the trigger on the PC uses 10/22 components, which means there is likely a lot that can be done in that arena. A Picatinny rail is standard, but the rifle ships with an adjustable ghost ring rear and protected blade front sight.

The company’s former pistol caliber carbine, the 9mm and .40S&W-caliber Ruger Police Carbine, hit the market in 1996 and used Ruger’s P-series pistol magazines while the short-lived Deerfield, a four-shot .44 Magnum based on the Mini-14, followed a few years later. Both were discontinued in 2006 although other manufacturers such as Beretta and Kel-Tec have continued to market similar offerings.

“Our customers have long been requesting the return of a Ruger pistol caliber carbine and we are excited to bring this versatile design to market,” said Killoy.

MSRP is $649, but you can expect to see actual prices at dealers well south of that.

As for how the new PC shoots, Jeff Quinn has the low-down below.

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