Ruger releases Moon Shine Camo grip frame patterns for select pistols

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The SR22 is one of three pistols that sees the addition of the Moon Shine Camo family of patterns. (Photo: Ruger)

Ruger adds colorful flare to some of its popular pistol lines, launching Reduced Moon Shine Camo grip frame patterns on the SR22, LCP and LCP II platforms.

The three pistols series already tout multiple color configurations, but now get even more options as Toxic and Harvest Moon patterns join the lineup. Featuring a yellow and green neon glow, the Toxic biohazard patterns exemplifies acidic camo, showcasing intensity and vibrancy. Harvest Moon is far from the typical camo, yet offers a more understated design in muted colors.

Ruger says these patterns are unique and not what consumers are use to seeing.

“Moon Shine signature camo patterns differ from those commonly found anywhere — especially on firearms,” the gun makers said in a press release. “These patterns are for the outdoor and firearms enthusiast to shot a new level of self expression.”

The color patterns are currently available on Ruger’s website with prices varying based on pistol models.

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