Nexbelt launches improved PreciseFit Titan Gun Belt

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The black Titan PreciseFit features some improvements over previous builds. (Photo: Nexbelt)

Nexbelt, affectionately known as the belt with no holes, updated its PreciseFit Titan gun belt offering improvements over previous generations.

The black Titan PreciseFit belt has been revamped and now boasts a stiffened strap. The Titan buckle has a texturized powder coated finish, called Granite, that better resists scuffing. Pins that hold the buckle together have been replaced with stainless steel hex screws, elevating the overall construction. Clasp size has been increased while the company has also added more teeth for a better hold.

In addition, the clasp body has been lengthened to hold more of the strap while stainless steel set screws are used as reinforcement. Rounding out the improvements, the company has also shrunk the size of the magnet while simultaneously making it stronger. This redesign allowed for the mechanism body to become more compact.

The new PreciseFit gun belt is cut to fit, accommodating waists measuring up to 52-inches. The Nexbelt line of belt allows users to custom fit belts by offering 1/4-inch increments instead of the usual 1-inch adjustment standard with a pin/buckle belt.

“This ability to ‘fine-tune’ a belt in ¼ inch increments not only provides unprecedented comfort, but is especially important for those practicing concealed or open carry,” Nexbelt said in a press release.

The Titan PreciseFit in black retails for $49.99.

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