New UnderTech Undercover desk concealment option

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The Under Desk Concealment plate mounts a Serpa holster to desks, counters, tables and other areas gun owners may need a concealed pistol. (Photo: UnderTech Undercover)

Seeking to give consumers more options when it comes to hiding their pistol, UnderTech Undercover launched the Under Desk Concealment Plate.

The Under Desk Concealment Plate is an aluminum plate designed to accept a Blackhawk Serpa Lock Holster. The holster attaches to the plate using screws that come with the Serpa. The plate features four mounting holes drilled into each corner. These allow the plate to mount under a desk, counter or table, thereby allowing gun owners to store a pistol at the ready.

“It’s perfect for executives at work, store owners, even at home under your dinner table,” UnderTech Undercover said in statement on their website.

The Serpa holster currently offers fits for all Glock handguns, Springfield XD, 1911, Beretta and Smith & Wesson in addition to other handgun models.

The Under Desk Concealment Plate does not come with the Serpa holster and the holster must be purchased separately. The plate itself retails for $44.95 while Blackhawk’s Serpa comes in at $46.95. Both products are available online from UnderTech Undercover.

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