New FightLite Industries Raider handgun in 5.56mm, .300BLK

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The FightLite Raider is under 21-inches long with a 7.25-inch barrel, weighs 3.9 pounds, takes all standard GI type detachable magazines and is offered in 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout (Photo: FightLight)

Featuring a 7.25-inch barrel and Shockwave Raptor grip, FightLite’s new Raider handgun is billed as the most compact AR-platform on the market.

With an overall length of 20.25-inches and a weight of 3.9-pounds, the Raider is based on the company’s featureless Sport Configurable Rifle (SCR) system but uses a modified bolt carrier that feeds into a short buffer tube in the birds head style grip.

“The Raider successfully bridges the capability gap between a common handgun and an individual battle carbine, delivering accurate overmatch performance compared to common pistol-caliber handguns and shotguns at extended shooting distances,” says FightLite on the platform.

Raider lower

The Raider accepts standard GI mags and is built in 5.56mm NATO and .300 Blackout variants. They intend to sell a full-up pistol for an MSRP of $825 and a Raider lower, complete with bolt-carrier assembly to match a standard AR pistol upper to, for $575.

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