National Range Day Encourages Black Guns Owners to Head to the Range ::

National Range Day encourages black gun owners to head to local ranges for a fun day celebrating gun ownership. (Photo: Tig Davis)

National Range Day looks to promote black gun ownership through education and training nationwide on June 13. The range event invites black gun owners to come together at local ranges to train, learn, and meet other gun enthusiasts and instructors.

Organizer Marchelle “Tig” Davis of My Sister’s Keeper said this is an excellent opportunity for new gun owners and seasoned veterans to network, shop for guns, and even sign-up for future gun-related classes with local instructors. In addition to promoting gun ownership, Davis hopes the movement can also dispel stereotypes.

“In light of recent events, I thought it necessary to create a national movement to encourage all African Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. We feel that our right to bear arms enforces and protects our right to free speech,” Davis said in a news release. “This day will defeat stereotypes regarding black gun ownership and signify a major shift in US gun culture.”

Ladies at range

Marchelle “Tig” helping a student in a handgun class. (Photo: Tig Davis)

Tiffany Showers of Girls Get Tactical LLC based in Florida said education and creating a welcoming experience for gun owners is vital, which is why she is participating in the event.

“I myself am African American, and I think it’s important for the African American community to participate in National Range Day. Many in my community want to get into firearms and exercising their 2nd Amendment rights but don’t know where to start,” Showers explained to via email. “My fellow instructors and I will be there to walk you through steps, give tips, take tours of the range, and even give on the spot classes. Our job is to create a safe and inviting encouraging environment for all!”

National Range Day

(Photo: Tig Davis)

Those interested in celebrating National Range Day should contact local instructors for details on the event. If you don’t see an instructor or business listed nearby, contact the National African American Gun Association. Attendees are also encouraged to wear all-black and use #nationalrangeday to spread awareness on social media.

For more information, head to My Sister’s Keeper for a list of participating black-owned firearms businesses.


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