Massaro Holster Works debuts American Purebred

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Massaro Holster Works debuted its patented American Purebred at the 2018 Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa. (Photo: Christen Smith/

Massaro Holster Works debuted its patented American Purebred at the 2018 Great American Outdoor Show this week.

Company founder and CEO Eddie Massaro said he has spent two years perfecting the Purebred after years of amassing holsters “that just didn’t work as well as they could have.”

“Women and men alike are loving it because of the comfort with the neoprene on the back,” Kim Smith, a Massaro employee, told Tuesday. “It stays where it goes and they don’t have to mess with the clips and losing their screws and tools.”

Massaro, an Ohio-based engineer by trade, said his holster features nearly 14 pounds/psi shear strength — or 250 pounds when worn with belt pressure — and spring wire clips permanently attached to prevent “pull out.” The KYDEX pouch offers full muzzle coverage, a 12-degree rearward butt angle key for preventing printing and standard user-adjustable firearm retention.

The backing pad, made of neoprene, provides comfort and stability while helping to reduce body side contact by half compared to other brands, according to Smith.

“Because of the neoprene, it stays where you put it,” she said. “There’s no sliding and in turn that relieves the weight of the gun on your belt so it distributes it evenly.”

The Purebred also comes with additional adhesive pads to attach the holster to furniture, dashboards and other hiding spots throughout your home.

Massaro cautions, however, those tempted to call his holster a hybrid should refrain.

“The word purebred is the grammatical opposite of hybrid,” he said in a company brochure. “Therefore, separating this design from all other hybrid holsters currently on the market.”

The Purebred retails for $69 and comes in full, subcompact and compact sizes. Orders can be placed through the company’s Facebook page. Online ordering will be available at the company’s website when it launches Feb. 14.

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