Inland debuts .30 caliber M30-P pistol with Sage EBR chassis

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The new M30-P features a Sage EBR chassis and a Tail Hook arm brace (Photo: Inland)

Ohio-based Inland Manufacturing team has blended the classic .30-caliber M1 Carbine action in a pistol configuration complete with a Tail Hook arm brace.

The new M30-P pistol comes standard with a Sage EBR aluminum chassis designed specifically for the platform and, as it is a handgun, the removable Gear Head Mod II Tail Hook arm brace allows for one-handed shooting.

Complete with a 12-inch long threaded barrel, the M30-P goes just 20.25-inches overall without the brace, with the Tail Hook adding about nine inches to that figure when attached. Weight is between 4.5 and 5.5 pounds depending on the same factors. The pistol uses standard M1 style sights with an adjustable ghost ring aperture rear.

While M1 Carbine-based pistols are not new — the old Iver Johnson Enforcer was popular in the days of  Disco — one complete with a factory arm brace is, and the Sage EBR chassis, similar to that used to revamp the M14 in recent years is a nice touch.

The M30-P ships with one 10-round magazine for state compliance purposes but accepts standard M1 mags and MSRP is $1,699.

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