DeSantis unveils new DS Paddle Holster fit for Glock 43

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The Glock 43 is the latest model handgun to see DS Paddle Holster love from DeSantis. (Photo: DeSantis)

Renowned holster maker DeSantis announced a new holster fit for the Glock 43 on the company’s DS Paddle Holster lineup.

The DS Paddle is compact yet durable, custom molded to pair perfectly with the user’s carry gun. Crafted from kydex, a thermoplastic that is light yet incredibly strong, the holster boasts minimal friction when drawing the gun providing for a smooth, efficient draw. Utilizing a dual tension device matched with precise molding, the G43 is held securely in place allowing users to use the holster as their everyday carry rig.

Shooters can adjust both forward and rearward cant, tailoring the rig to their personal carry preferences. Though the holster is a paddle style rig, DeSantis does offer an optional belt attachment for traditional belt mounting.

The company touts 33 total firearm models on the paddle line, but the G43 sub-compact pistol is the latest to join the series. The DS Paddle is currently only available in standard black with the rig priced at just under $50.

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