Bill Hicks & Co offers two limited edition Colt rifles in Molon Labe theme

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The Molon Labe themed Colts come in two models — a standard configuration and Magpul variant. (Photo: Bill Hicks & Co)

Bill Hicks & Co dropped two limited edition Colt LE6920 rifles outfitted in a Molon Labe “come and take them” theme.

Chambered in 5.56 Nato, the semi-automatic LE6920 series features a Cerakote Spartan Clad finish resembling aged copper. Boasting a Molon Labe print stenciled on the left side of the upper receiver, the rifle also features a helmet motif on the right of the lower receiver.

The Magpul Industries accessorized version touts the same color and theme as the standard Molon Labe but ships with Magpul furniture to include the MOE SL handguard, carbine stock and pistol grip in addition to the MOE vertical grip and the company’s Back-Up Sight.

Both guns opt for a 30+1 capacity with a 16.1-inch barrel. Bill Hicks & Co says the exclusive Colt rifles are in stock and ready to ship to consumers who want a little more flare than standard, black M4s offer. No word on pricing.

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