Trump Reacts To Criticism As If He Was An Beta Male . . .

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Our last 5 presidents have consulted with retired security personnel from previous administrations, because they are considered to be experts and carry a wealth of information. Only a selfish, arrogant jerk off would dismiss a thinktank and place his ego over the nation’s security.

The threat picture changes so frequently now that the old guard that think they are irreplaceable are simply filled with past lessons learned and conventional wisdom. They are worth talking to in terms of what the past has taught us but the idea of just maintaining open security clearances for preparing or responding to present day tactics and strategy is ridiculous. Technology by itself changes so fast that a person who was completely in the loop a year ago would be dumbfounded at current practices and engagement.

McCraven was a great leader and an excellent advisor to Obama but he has his own allegiances. Kris Paronto, former Army Ranger and CIA contractor in Benghazi fired back….…s-for-benghazi…moking-crater/

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