Tips to Concealed Carry in Winter

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Knowing the tips to concealed carry in winter is valuable, considering that even the simplest settings demand some expertise. Questions like “where to Carry on the body,” “what holster to use,” “where to stage your pistol,” & “how to perfect your draw stroke” are all common. So, what happens when the odds become stacked?

What comes next when your entire concealed carry tactics have to change due to the weather?

2 Practical Tips to Concealed Carry in Winter

First, the laws of concealed carry are not very different in winter for those who live on the West Coast. Cities line California don’t experience extreme cold conditions & your routine does not have to be completely affected. I’ve lived in Cali during the cold months and honestly didn’t have much to contend with… but if you live in the far North… your major problem is always the number of layers you have on. So…

Remain Comfortable With The Basics

This is saying that you master the basics of concealed carry before trying to, and I’m not even referring to the season. Notwithstanding your location or the season, you must be skilled with carrying before you do so. Most have little or no practice with concealed carrying & that’s why cases of epic failures when drawing the stroke are common.

Think of it: a person who can’t pull his stroke perfectly under normal weather when he’s wearing proper clothing, how is he supposed to be able to when the freezing cold may jam his gun & he is putting on about six layers of clothes to stay warm?

The essence remains thus: practice & continue practicing even after becoming an expert. 

How Do You Layer?

In the frigid states, concealed carry is a mean, mean business. Wisconsinites should understand what I’m saying. When the snow is ankle-deep & your breath nearly frozen, it is only logical that you wear several layers of clothing. But the question is: how do you wear so many layers & are still able to draw a perfect stroke on time when necessary?

The thing is to layer in a streamlined manner while paying attention to warmth as well. If you wear 3–5 layers of lumpy clothing & put on a long scarf complimented with tassels, I bet that accessing your handgun will be quite a problem. 

So instead of this, why don’t you consider wearing a close-fitting, long-sleeved thermal shirt, a jacket & a fitted fleece? Try this & see how easy it is to access your gun — compared to the previous clothing combo. 

Take note; however, there will be days you find yourself in clothing layers that are not ideal for concealed carry in winter. I also wouldn’t advise you to wear just a jacket on a thermal shirt when traveling through the cold woods, but on days like this, you have to do your best with holstering & your draw stroke. This is why my first emphasis was laid on mastering the fundamentals. 


If you’re expertly skilled with concealed carry, winter won’t affect your routine very much. For some people, all they need to do is change their holster when winter comes & they are good to go. Let’s hear from you too: are there any expert tips to concealed carry in winter that you’d like others to know?

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