The Georgia Guidestones and 10 commandments of NWO

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Not if you keep up with the happenings of the day.

Now that the Democrats are back in power, they have the means to pass laws that will shred our basic rights. People on both sides are so radicalized, a state of open warfare is only a matter of time. The only common agreement is that anyone who urges Americans to exercise restraint is viewed as an enemy. When we ended 2020, many people expected it to be the worst year of their life. I don’t share this optimistic view. I think by June, we will remember 2020 as a time of relative tranquility.

The Bible predicts that the lead-up to the Rapture will be marked by things progressively getting worse. This pattern is so well established, end-time prophecy is the only explanation for our prolonged run of bad luck. For many the greatest fear for the future of America is civil war, however, being a student of Bible prophesy and knowing that America meets 100% the description of Mystery Babalon, I believe a greater fear should be total annialation only weeks after the Rapture. In Christ’s own words (Fig Tree Prophesy) the Rapture being pre-trib must take place before 2022, therefor, common sense dictates that time should be their greatest fear of all.

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