The Biblical End Time Prophecy Could Happen This Year!

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This is a short video but well worth watching. This could be our final warning and fulfilment of prophecy. Are you ready?

We know that the Rapture will happen before the end of 2021. How do we know that? Because Jesus Christ doesn’t lie. Jan Markell did a prophecy Round Table recently, it reminded me why we don’t want anyone to be LEFT BEHIND! The topic was life after the Rapture when true believers won’t be here. For those poor fools LEFT BEHIND, the following is what they face, in part. (Add to this list 1/3 of the worlds population suffering a horrible death within the first 3 &1/2 years )

A time of devastation
A time of dissension
A time of disease
A time of disasters
A time of death
A time of delusion
The sun turns black
The moon turns blood red
The stars fall from the sky
There are a myriad of devastating earthquakes
There is rampant lawlessness
The restrainer is gone
Mountains and islands move
The ocean becomes blood
The water becomes poisoned
Many long to die but cannot (Revelation 9:6)
Demons are running unchecked
Drugs are bending the minds of most people as they practice sorcery
The world is such a chaotic mess that billions perish
A Satanic trinity forms a global government and religion
A ruthless man known as the Antichrist, or The Beast, will rule with an iron fist and require a “Mark” in order to survive

The Covid climate is setting the stage for much of this. The world’s governments will be “re-set” to global socialism in the Great Reset being formulated by the World Economic Forum. And that’s just a partial list of the characteristics of the post-Rapture world while the Church is enjoying Heaven. Maranatha!

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