Remember That One Time Obama Said Trump Would Need A “Magic Wand” To Fix The Economy?

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My Thoughts:
Trump took over a 1.4% GDP from Obama and in just 16 months raised it to 4.1%, I guess President Trump has found the magic-wand that Obama couldn’t find in 8 years.

4.1% eh? What percentage of growth do you imagine would be needed before the debt to GDP ratio would start closing so that anyone alive today could even consider seeing it balanced before they die?

Only one writing that I’ve ever seen has tried to put the debt into valid perspective, and I gave you that link a day or two ago (Math doesn’t lie), though I seriously doubt you even clicked on it, or if you did, that you made a concerted effort to fully understand it.

That said, even the economists and economic pundits downplaying the significance of the debt on this economy’s health are still saying it can’t be done through any conventional means. They’re talking like even 16% – 20% growth rates might conceivably stave off the crash that this much debt is assuredly going to crush us under when printing more FRNs turns the value of each one in circulation to less than a penny of what they’re worth today. 4.1% growth in all the contributing factors to arrive at a reasonably accurate GDP number in an economy that takes in only approximately $4 trillion dollars per year, is what percentage of all the country’s debt that, all told, amounts to well over $100 trillion dollars? I don’t know, and I’m reasonably sure that neither you or Donald Trump knows the answer to that question either. I do know this though: The first person to calculate it out and post the decimal fraction 4.1% of only one quarter of 2018, will use more zeros preceding an actual number to the right of the decimal point, than they’ll have to use characters explaining how they arrived at that number.

In short, the percentage of GDP growth rates is about as significant to the health of the real economy as a single flea fart would be to calculating how much methane is involved in contributing to man-caused global warming if it was real, which it ain’t, but the analogy is still pertinent. Trump is counting on the abject ignorance of the American electorate that would allow them to think 4.1% growth rates for only one quarter is going to improve their lives. Even for one, two or on up to a lifetime of 4.1% growth rates ain’t gonna equate to squat towards addressing the crushing debt we’re living under now. You’re being lied to.


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