Hundreds Of FBI Agents Say They’re Ready To Expose Obama & Comey

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Apparently you don’t have ANY IDEA concerning the various federal criminal crimes Hillary did concerning all of the above Top Secret items she had on her unsecured unauthorized E-mail server. There are many people who are in jail for doing things that are far lower than what she did. Comey stated in this news conference the highly classified items she had there, and the only reason the FBI didn’t indict her was they all thought she was going to be the next president and were giving her cover to cover it all up.
You say these things are in the past, well here’s a question for you, if someone killed your wife and wasn’t caught for years, would you allow they to get away with it once they were caught?
Answer that one.

I’ll take a stab at that.

OPS, I agree that nobody is above the law and should absolutely be held accountable.

She and her mail server were caught. But like you said, the FBI would have covered it up had she been pres. The problem is, after 8 years of Obama the selectors knew that it was a Republicans turn, hence trump.

What about bush/cheney who are criminals too? Where is all the outrage about them?

A server was found, Wikileaks, Snowden, Kiriakou, etc. speaking out, so they need a fall guy/woman to calm the public down, resting assured that the same things will continue to happen.

The FBI will do whatever it takes and cover up what they can. At that level, there’s little doubt that she, fbi and others colluded.

Justice will be served when the entire WH is thrown into the slammer, short a handful.

Again, they should be prosecuted. But it seems it’s always someone lower on the totem pole that always takes the heat. Maybe it’s a good start and we’ll wait to see what happens. But the American people have peas for brains and one thing I’m certain about is whether she’s ultimately prosecuted or not, it will still be business as usual.

A suggestion: watch the stock market. Wanna cash in on more lives and property? Invest in Halliburton and the rest of the MIC. They don’t care about parties – parties are only for the voters.

Happy Memory Day.

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