How to Stay Concealed While Sitting Down

How To Concealed Carry While Sitting Down

Modern life has us positioning our posteriors all over the place. When you’re carrying a pistol in an IWB holster, you’ve likely experienced a certain degree of self-awareness you weren’t expecting. When shirts slide up and trousers arc down, there can be a bit of gap coverage where a pistol grip can be revealed. In this article, we’re going to head this off at the pass and discuss ways to stay concealed while sitting down.

DO: Tuck in your shirt.

If you have one of the Cloak Tuck series holsters by Alien Gear, we can at least vouch that our holster line comes with the ability to tuck in a shirt. Whether it’s a dress shirt or just a T-shirt, you’ll find that tucking it into your trouser line is a plausible way to keep your shirt line straight while sitting down and standing up.

DON’T: Keep your hand on your holster while sitting and standing.

It’s a natural thing to want to ensure your firearm stays concealed. For those who have experimented with holsters that don’t have good retention, you’re also probably worried about the pistol falling out or coming loose.

This is why you should always use an inside the waistband concealed carry holster that has high retention while still being adjustable for your comfort. That way, you never have to worry about your pistol falling out of its holster.

DO: Wear longer shirts and layers that fall past the waistline.

We’re not going to give you concealed carry fashion advice but with concealed carry, layers always help. If you’re wearing your concealed carry holster over a tucked in t-shirt, you may want to consider another shirt or layer that falls past the waistline to help it from printing.

DO: Casually keep your unbuttoned button-up shirt or blazer when sitting and standing.

It’s completely fine to ensure your unbuttoned button-up shirt or dress coat from sweeping open when sitting and standing. This isn’t at all out of place and it’s a casual way to ensure you don’t inadvertently show the firearm that’s tucked beneath.

DON’T: Wear tight shirts without a covering layer.

If you wear a tight or comfortable athletic t-shirt or similar, you’re going to find your pistol naturally prints more readily than if you wear looser layers. That’s not saying you can’t pull off an Under Armour (or similar) underlayer – just make sure there’s something looser on top of that.

DO: Consider wearing a sturdy gun belt.

concealed carry gun belt

Many concealed carriers neglect to get a good gun belt, a well-constructed, high-quality gun belt can help keep your waistline flush and straight when sitting and standing.

DON’T: Let your pants hang off your hips.

Low ride pants and jeans make carrying concealed a lot more challenging. Wearing pants that are pulled up to your waistline is a good way to go. The reason is simple: your waistline moves less than your hips while going from standing to seated and back again.

Consider An Ankle Holster And Backup Gun

ankle holster

Another strategy that some people employ for this scenario is to have a backup gun in an ankle holster.

In the event that you’re sitting down, either in a chair or perhaps in a vehicle, it may be easier to draw up a pant leg and draw a backup gun than it might be to get to your primary carry pistol.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to ankle carry. What if your primary carry gun malfunctions, what if you end up on your back on the ground, etc., but this is an old method for solving the drawing-while-sitting problem.

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Have You Tried Appendix Carry Yet?

appendix carry holster

Another solution is to switch to appendix carry. Having the pistol on the front of the waistband, for many people, allows for an easy draw while seated.

Simply pull up your cover garment as normal and draw; it’s unbelievably easy. In fact, that’s why people in the 19th century would carry a compact pistol tucked in the front of the waistband or a holster in what today is called the “appendix” position.

Compact pistols used to be called “belly guns” for that exact reason.

There’s really nothing new under the sun, folks.

While appendix carry isn’t necessarily for everyone, many people have found that appendix carry works out in this regard.

Comfortable, Concealable Appendix Carry Holsters

Drawing From Your Holster When Seated

Let’s say that an emergency takes place, and you have to draw from your concealed carry holster while seated. After all, shootings happen in workplaces, movie theaters, restaurants and many other locations where there is seating.

First is a drop-down method; essentially you drop your strongside knee to the ground, clear your cover garment and draw. The idea is to separate yourself from what you’re sitting in to eliminate any force pressing on the gun so it can be drawn easily.

You may have to push a desk or table away or push yourself away from one first. However, when you have space in front of you, you need to lean forward, separating yourself from the seat back.

Lean forward, and put your strong side knee on the ground while clearing your cover garment. Or, you can tuck the strongside foot behind the weakside knee, and lean forward until the strongside knee touches down.

Then draw your pistol.

Some people find the tuck and drop method a little smoother, but either method requires you to put your strongside knee to the ground to free up the pistol to be drawn.

Those are the two basic methods for drawing while sitting. Both put you in a position to cleanly draw the pistol and get it into a fight, if you have to do so.

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