Hillary Gearing Up for a DO-OVER?

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XD: You are absolutely comical. You have been so deprived of something to harp on for the last few weeks that you will jump on anything just to argue. Dang old son, guess we will have to find something else to give you heartburn. Withdrawal from your normal argumentative state must be terrible. Hasn’t the “Town Crier” (Ops) given you enough material to complain about? Have a good day, ya’ heah?

And you whine like a true trumpanzee, or perhaps a howler monkey from the tree tops …. go read your opening post…. you’re are whining like a spoiled brat… or the whiny baby in the oval office.

I seldom find the worth in dealing with a piss ant little lair and excuse for a man… I look at the new posts, see the liars name on started threads and/or responses, click “mark forums read” and close the tab. Ringo’s posts get the same treatment, even though his is far more that man than our resident liar.

I do find it humorous, that even you refer to that sad excuse of a man as the “town crier”.

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