Guess the competition from Fox and the White House was too much

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They all do. Trumps unable to hide it or thinks its advantageous.

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Yes, and they probably must on some topics. However Trump LIES to stroke his own ego, dumb crap like boasting that no Republican had won Wisconsin since Ike. Never mind that Nixon won the state 3 times, and Reagan twice. The man enjoys lying. Hell the fool brags about lying.

I started to think ‘how the hell could he think lying could be advantageous’, but then I was reminded of people like Ops, OG, and other Trump fawners that have no concept about the difference between a lie and reality. With few exceptions, I don’t think anyone takes anything Ops posts at face value, his history of exaggerations and lies has destroyed the value of his word. Trump is perceived in the same manner across the globe, but is the equivalent of a moderator on a forum that can throw his weight around.

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