Glock 19 Firing Pin Causing Jam?

Glock 19 Firing Pin Causing Jam?

  1. Glock 19 Firing Pin Causing Jam?

    So I found a couple posts about people’s striker sticking out but nothing to this extent. I’d like to start off by saying I am using the Zev Ultimate Fulcrum trigger in my gen 4, so I have that extended striker in there. I have noticed that the firing pin sticks out a little sometimes, but it has only started causing a problem recently. When I go to rack the first round and I have been dry firing, the round gets hung up on the firing pin and jams the slide. There is no issue after getting the first round in, however. I suppose I could either not dry fire and leave the firing pin behind the plunger after cleaning, or I could carry with the trigger in the ready position. I suppose it’s kind of a nitpicky thing to worry about, but I don’t like it and I’d rather it not be a problem. Any advice would truly be appreciated.



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