Everyone vaccinated for Covid will DIE

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Aren’t we ALL going to die??? Or does the act of not getting the shot make me Immortal!!! That’s another great reason to not take the jab. THANKS!!

No, we aren’t ALL going to die. Some (very few) will soon be caught up in the RAPTURE of His church. Sadly, after the RAPTURE 90% of those left behind will suffer a horrible death during the 7 years of Tribulation to follow. Not enough time left to be concerned about the “jab” one way or the other. The number one sign that Jesus warned us about in this Last Generation was deception. When Jesus said “do not be deceived” it wasn’t just a warning or a suggestion, He was giving an authoritative order. When it comes to life there’s a huge difference between what’s temporary and what’s eternal. The truth really does set one free.

We ARE The Last Generation – how much time is left?

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