Concealing a shoulder holster

Concealing a shoulder holster

  1. Concealing a shoulder holster

    I recently joined my church’s volunteer security team here in Arizona. Like most of the other team members, I carry concealed. I saw the video of the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas and noted the first person shot was one of the security team members. From what I saw, it appeared he had problems getting to his firearm fast enough because it was almost at his back, and possibly under an untucked shirt. He was shot just as his firearm came into view. I normally carry on my right hip at the 4 o’clock position. That incident got me to thinking I should be either carrying cross draw or in a shoulder holster for quick and easy access to my firearm if seated. My preference is for a shoulder rig (I carry a Beretta 92fs compact). If this wasn’t AZ, the item of clothing to cover the shoulder rig would not be hard to find. Unfortunately, this IS AZ and my options for concealment without standing out (wearing a jacket) during the summer are limited. Any suggestions? Thanks


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