Common Mistakes of Concealed Carry

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Plenty of people commit these common mistakes of concealed carry. Even I did! In fact, I put up this list to help new gun carriers and everyone else avoids these easy-to-make mistakes. Here we go.

3 Most Common Mistakes of Concealed Carry

Lack of the Appropriate Mindset

Concealed carry comes with a huge responsibility before a shootout, as well as a lot of accountability after a shootout. Having an appropriate CC mindset is, therefore, extremely essential. By mindset, I’m referring to a firm set of attitudes that guide our behaviors and mode of handling in certain situations & problems. 

The proper CC mind-frame is to be disciplined, accompanied with an easygoing, controlled, and respectful attitude. When with a gun, we know how to shoot expertly; feeling on top of the world is a common feeling, but this is terrible. Do not carry a firearm with the expectation of a shootout. Rather, carry as if you have no gun and do not even know how to pull the trigger. 

This isn’t fear or fright. It is the appropriate personality to wear when concealed carrying.

The crux is this: you must go out of your way to avoid or initiate troubles & confrontations when you carry.

Lack of Current or Complete Firearm Training

Before you concealed carry, your training must be complete and cover crucial factors, techniques, fundamentals & safety. Also, pertinently, they must be realistic & pertaining to real-life CC scenarios that you can find yourself in. 

Your CC training is more than gun handling & marksmanship. It must include moral & legal aspects of pulling the trigger in self-defense.

Inadequate, outdated, or incorrect drills & repetitions will prepare you very poorly for a CC troubleshoot. This is as harmful to you as it is to others.  This is because the continuous repetition of these tactics will imprint them on your subconscious mind and will thus be your automatic response when in danger. Think about it, do you think you’re safe using the wrong techniques?

Never enroll for a “quickie course,” 45-minutes gun training, or an abbreviated firearm class. You’ll be potentially dangerous to yourself and others.

Failure to Understand Handgun Laws

You have to be fully aware of state & jurisdiction laws on concealed carry, and more importantly, know when you’re permitted to shoot and when you’re not. This includes ascertaining if printing & brandishing are allowed, where to conceal carry & not to, and you have to present your CC permit every time you’re routinely stopped by an officer. More so, you should understand your area’s Castle Doctrine & Stand Your Ground laws. There are so many regulations to be aware of, and failure to know them all makes you a disaster waiting to happen. 

Consider that you may misunderstand (or be misunderstood by) by another carrier who knows & follows the correct gun laws. You may be fined too, or even have your license retracted. So many things could go wrong.

Concluding The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Concealed Carry

There are several other common mistakes of concealed carry to avoid. They include not using the correct holster & lacking situational awareness. Read widely and correctly on the necessary laws to know before you conceal carry across the state. Meanwhile, we’ll look at more of these laws in subsequent posts.

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