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I am curious to know…..Do you carry with one inside the chamber?

Always. A gun with an empty chamber is essentially an empty gun. If all the sudden in a split-second the brown stuff hits the fan, are you gonna have time to rack that slide? What if you just so happen to be in a convenient store and somebody walks in and all the sudden they’re trying to hold up the clerk and you have a pistol in your pocket or in a holster that doesn’t have a round chambered and even if in that situation, you have plenty of time to rack that slide but in order to properly, how are you gonna do it quietly?

Same goes for inside your own home. You may have plenty of time to correctly rack that slide when you wake up from hearing a bump in the night but again, how are you gonna do it quietly? And yeah, it’s all about being quiet because there’s even a reason why some of the better personal gun safes have quiet mechanisms in them that allow them to be sprung open for quick access without making a whole lotta noise.

But if you’re someone who thinks it’s unsafe to carry a gun with a round loaded in the chamber, you either need more training or you need to go seek a lot more advice from an expert that’ll hopefully be able to change your mind on that because essentially having an unloaded pistol is a lot more dangerous than having a pistol go off when it’s not supposed to from improper handling. And I get it, a lot of the reason why some people don’t keep a loaded gun in the house is because they got kids… Well, if that’s your case, then maybe you need to invest in some of those personal gun safes that you can keep in strategic locations throughout your house that will keep young fingers off your gun but being able to have a gun that’s loaded and ready to go at the squeeze of a trigger.

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