Best storage place for home protection shotgun?

Best storage place for home protection shotgun?

  1. Best storage place for home protection shotgun?

    I need some advice about the best place to keep a weapon in my home for protection. It seems to me that a pump action, 12 gauge shotgun, with a 28” barrel, and holding five rounds of #00 buckshot with eight 0.32” pellets per round would be an ideal weapon. My concern is with both the accessibility of the weapon in the event it is ever needed and keeping it secure, especially from our inquisitive 5 year old grandson who visits our home often. Short of toting the gun around the house with me at all times, is there any factual information that would help me decide on the ideal storage place. Our bedroom is not close to either the sliding patio door or the front door. Any suggestions will be most appreciated. Many thanks for any help.


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