6 Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad That Conceals And Carries

Father’s Day Gifts For The Concealing And Carrying Dads

Looking to get some ideas for Father’s Day gifts for the dad that conceals and carries? We got some doozies.

The truth is that guys aren’t hard to shop for. Find out what a person is into and you pretty much have it stitched up. For the person who conceals and carries, there are fantastic gifts out there. Here are 6 Father’s Day gift ideas for the concealed carrier.

Car Holster For Carrying On The Go

car holster

Anyone who conceals and carries has wished for something like a car holster for carrying while driving. That would make an excellent Father’s Day gift for the person who takes their carry pistol and sticks it in the console.

With a proper car holster design, you can easily place a pistol in a secure holster in a location that makes it both concealed but also accessible.

If only someone made a car holster that was easily secured without having to mar the upholstery…



Anyone who owns guns probably likes to do some shooting, which means that ammunition is a fantastic Father’s Day gift for the man toting a CCW. It will always be welcome, and it certainly will mean they can do a bit more target shooting or concealed carry practice without having to shell out for their own.

Granted, it’s a good touch if you get their favorite box and you’ll definitely want to know which caliber of gun they have.

Pistol Rest


If you want to get new sights or a red dot sight zeroed, or if you want to find out just how tight of groups your pistol can shoot, then you need a pistol rest. Much like needing a “lead sled” for sighting in a rifle, the same is needed to truly gauge the accuracy of a pistol. That makes it a pretty good Father’s Day gift for the serious shooter.

Spare Magazines

spare magazines

Another fantastic Father’s Day gift for shooters is spare magazines, with which they can load that ammunition you bought them and shoot it! Another mag or two is always welcome, as they do wear out and must be periodically replaced.

Just make sure to get the right magazines for their gun, whether it’s a Glock or a 1911 or what have you. A great touch would be to put a new magazine or two in a mag carrier.

Shot Timer

shot timer

For the serious shooter, a shot timer is a piece of equipment that can help get those defensive shooting skills dialed in. That makes it a great Father’s Day gift for the concealed carrier that takes concealed carry practice seriously. This is the tool you need to get those first shot drills up to serious speed.

Electronic Ear Protection For Shooting

ear protection

Plain Jane ear muffs or plugs work, but electronic ear protection for shooting is just a whole lot better. It attenuates the noise of the gun shot as well (or better) than other types of ear pro, but it lets you still listen to everything else that’s happening.

If you’re on a shooting range where you have to listen to a range officer, or are out with friends, electronic helps you hear them a whole lot better. Plenty of models are out there, and they make a fantastic Father’s Day gift.

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