1000 Rounds Of 7.62×39

1000 rounds of 7.62×39 Military Grade Steel Case Laquer coated 123 Grain FMJ. This is manufactured in Russia by Barnaul. What sets this apart is the lacquer coating over the steel instead of polymer. Laquer is more water resistant and resistant to the elements. It is also bullet and primer sealed. You will notice the red dye where the bullet meets the case and also on the primers making these rounds more resistant to water oil etc. This is the ammunition sent to the battle fields. You won’t find this ammo elsewhere on line. Packed just like commercial ammo with 20 rounds to a box and 50 boxes to the 1000 round case.

1000 Rounds Of 7.62x39-pix362472190.jpg

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1000 Rounds Of 7.62×39 Ammo Available

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