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    Paddle Holster vs Belt Slide Holster

    Paddle Holster vs. Belt Loop A paddle holster has a “paddle” or “duck bill” section of the holster that fits inside the waistband and the holster for the gun overlaps the waistband. A belt slide holster slides into the belt […] More

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    Where It Is Legal To Constitutional Carry In The US

    The phrase “constitutional carry” means, within the fifty United States, that an individual is permitted to carry a weapon without having a license or permit.  The term itself was birthed from the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which declared that citizens had the right to bear arms. As of this writing, there are twelve […] More

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    Wearing a mask while carrying…

    Wearing a mask while carrying… Wearing a mask while carrying…    Are you asking a question? Some states have a law that forbids wearing a mask while carrying. If you are asking about that, read the actual law. It may contain a phrase like, “with intention to conceal one’s identity”. If you are wearing a […] More

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    Concealed Carry on July 4th

    Concealed Carry Considerations For Independence Day There are some special considerations that a person should be mindful of if carrying concealed on July 4th. Holidays tend to attract very large crowds, especially if doing the traditional activities such as watching fireworks. There is also something of a summer festival atmosphere and everything that entails. Concealing […] More

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