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    Gun control in other countries

    Gun control in other countries Gun control in other countries Are people on here interested in International gun control and how it affects society in other countries? Why not- we can then see what else we are lagging behind in compared to others Tags for this Thread Posting Permissions You may not post new threads […] More

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    Is Concealed Carry Worth It? Should You Carry A Gun Or Not?

    Violent crime occurs everywhere, but more happens in some places compared to others. Therefore, a realistic picture of your risk depends on where you are. Think of it this way: you have a certain risk of being in a car crash. However, your odds of being in a car accident is literally 0 if your […] More

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    New York Governor should be charged with MURDER.

    I don’t know if you caught his most recent little press conference yesterday or not. He had his Hillary Clinton “what difference does it make”moment. Just like interrogating some criminal eventually they get pissed off and the real creature inside sneaks a peek. That’s what this guy did yesterday when he lashed out all of […] More

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    The New Gun Owner’s Guide To Concealed Carry

    The reason a person should or should at least consider concealed carry is the same reason why many people have a gun in the home to begin with. When seconds count, police are minutes away. Police response times can be fast, but rarely fast enough to get to you in time when violence occurs. In […] More

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    How to Buy a Handgun Legally in California

    Knowing how to buy a handgun legally in California is necessary in such a gun-strict state. A new law on firearms seems to be implemented every few months, so keeping track of them all can be difficult. Fortunately, this concise guide will put you through the legal paperwork involved in buying a handgun in sunny […] More

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    Rifle suggestion

    Rifle suggestion Rifle suggestion Hey gents- I was doing some research on a new hunting rifle and found an article that said the number one grab was the new Sako S20. Not sure if $1600 is worth it or if anyone has heard good things? Any suggestions on a new setup would be aprecited thanks […] More

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    The judgement of america

    The real American revolution was not what happen at the Capitol, that was the distraction. The real revolution will begin on January 20th, and the America they will create will glorify everything that God hates.For 12 years now at Now The End Begins, we told you this day was coming, the day where America would […] More

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    Mandating Biometric Immunity Passport

    Originally Posted by Oldgrunt This is only the beginning and happening before our very eyes. Do people understand what they are seeing? It is all being done in plain sight, not covertly, yet there are those who have no inclination of what it is all leading to. God help us all! IGNORANCE is the hallmark […] More

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    The Georgia Guidestones and 10 commandments of NWO

    Originally Posted by Oldgrunt Not if you keep up with the happenings of the day. Now that the Democrats are back in power, they have the means to pass laws that will shred our basic rights. People on both sides are so radicalized, a state of open warfare is only a matter of time. The […] More

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